Thursday, July 9, 2009

Writing a review of an educational web site

You should have by now decided on the web site that you want to review. Think about the following:
  • What audience is the web site targeted at? Does it meet their needs and interests?
  • Is the content clearly organized? Is there too much or too little text? Is it visually attractive? Does it include useful images or videos?
  • Is it easy to navigate around the site to find the material that you are interested in?
  • Does it give its readers the opportunity to interact with the content provided e.g. are there forums or the opportunity to comment?
You might also find this article about writing a review about a web site interesting to read.

Before you write your review, make notes about what your main points are. Think about how you are going to link your ideas together and how you are going to present them, for example in blocks of text or in bullet points.

There’s useful information about using linking words in English at these websites:
Now write your review:
  • Go to and sign in (email account + password for Google)
  • Click on NEW POST
  • Don’t forget to give your post a title
  • From time to time click on SAVE NOW to save your post
  • To return to it (if you haven’t published it already), open the blog and click on the orange B icon at the top, left hand corner of the window and then on Edit Posts. You’ll find your post in the list of all the posts on the blog with draft written next to it.
  • Add links to the relevant pages of your web site by using the link icon on the toolbar of the post window
  • Don’t forget to do a spellcheck by clicking on the ABC icon

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