Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Algebra Introduction

In this page, we introduce into algebra

in this address you are going to understand about algebra.

How it goes.
You click on the word and then you go to the page.

Whom is directed to ?.
In general terms, it's for secondary stage, indeedly you are going to see all about Algebra.

Main Features.
It provides activities and resources:
. Use more motiviting tasks for ours today's students.
. Giving them the chance of using English language in a practical idiomatic context.
. With internet in an interesting and enjoyable way to approach maths and science language and of course English.

Negative Points.
Some explanations, problems and activities are focused on some specific problems and examples.

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  1. I think the design of the website is really bad! There's so much text crowded together that you don't know where to look. Then I saw that the material on the site is generated by it's users - which perhaps explains this a bit.