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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Their Past, Your Future 2

Their Past, Your Future is a website about different teaching subjects and it shows objectives and activities to practice with pupils.Mainly, the website is targeted at teachers who want to encourage young people to explore the impact of different History facts on the present.
This site meets perfectly teacher´s and pupil´s needs and interests because it answers to the each subject´s points.
The content is clearly organized in different subjects, in each subject there are different themes and each theme is clearly structured:
a. Introduction
b. Activities
c. Aims and objectives
d. Skills
e. Activity, behaviour and progression
f. Enjoyment, inspiration and creativity
g. Attitudes and values
h. Knowledge and understanding
i. Downloadable documents
There is enough text and it isn´t visually very attractive because there are a few images and there is no video.
It´s very easy to navigate around the site but the readers have no opportunity to interact with the content.

A review onTeaching English web site.

I would like to make a little review of the website English Teachers and learners of English like myself can use.I think it is a very interesting web for self use because there are exercices with keys.
On the one hand, the activities that they propose focus on the more difficult issues of English in order to make learners aware of their problems. On the other hand, the materials and exercices are funny as well as interactive.
As far as presentation is concerned there are photograps,colourful pictures that makes it most attractive.There are links to connect the home page with the rest of the sections so you have free access to lots of web pages.
Skills such as pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary interest me most but as I teach Spanish language and Literature the Britlit will be one of my favourite ones.

Review of Britlit

This is a review of a page which might be very useful for English teachers: britlit

On this page we can find several short stories and poems written by British authors. You can not only print the whole text but listen to it and work on the different activities and teacher's tips attached to them.

One of the good things about it is that you are in touch with real language which you can also listen to as it is read by native speakers.

Another very good thing is that if you are short for time everything is already there for you to use, you only have to download the activities you want your students to work with.

The available resources are divided according to your students' age, that is, primary, secondary and teens.

On the left of the page you can find a selection of texts. Every text includes a short description on the piece of literature we're going to work with.
I'd recommend this page for every teacher looking for something different to the sort of texts found in English cousebooks .

Algebra Introduction

In this page, we introduce into algebra

in this address you are going to understand about algebra.

How it goes.
You click on the word and then you go to the page.

Whom is directed to ?.
In general terms, it's for secondary stage, indeedly you are going to see all about Algebra.

Main Features.
It provides activities and resources:
. Use more motiviting tasks for ours today's students.
. Giving them the chance of using English language in a practical idiomatic context.
. With internet in an interesting and enjoyable way to approach maths and science language and of course English.

Negative Points.
Some explanations, problems and activities are focused on some specific problems and examples.

BBC education review (by Palm Tree)

The website I've chosen is the "BBC learning site". In this site there are different places to visit depending on what you need. There are resources for adult learners, parents, teachers and school students.
In addition there are resources according to different subjects like history, science, maths, food and catering, gardening, languages and so on.
In the English section you can find more links which lead to free online texts from classic fiction to English Grammar Guides, pets and writers, advices to teach English, etc. But the most remarkable thing I could find is that there is a link to the British Council website, which means to me that this school is not only known in Bilbao, but in more cities in Europe.
In the l"word service" section there are videos about phonetic with subtitles.
I think that in this site there are more resources than I can use in my lifetime.

Heziberri web site review

Heziberri website´s aim is to review education in the Basque Country. It opens a space for reflection and thinking how education here meet the challenge of innovation in Europe.

It is a collaborative project between the following organisations: The European Forum of Educational Administration EFEA, Education, Universities and Research Department of Basque Government, Innobasque and Jakiunde.

All people concerned with education can find interesting points to share with each other.

The information is clearly organized, at a glance you can grasp the whole content. At the top of the page you can find four tabs with the main focuses. On the left side from up to down three more tabs offer you the opportunity to participate in a blog, to get to know some new materials and find out about other people's experiences.

All of this is illustrated with images and also includs videos and it is easy to navigate around the site.

All in all, in my opinion it is worth, visit it.