Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Their Past, Your Future 2

Their Past, Your Future is a website about different teaching subjects and it shows objectives and activities to practice with pupils.Mainly, the website is targeted at teachers who want to encourage young people to explore the impact of different History facts on the present.
This site meets perfectly teacher´s and pupil´s needs and interests because it answers to the each subject´s points.
The content is clearly organized in different subjects, in each subject there are different themes and each theme is clearly structured:
a. Introduction
b. Activities
c. Aims and objectives
d. Skills
e. Activity, behaviour and progression
f. Enjoyment, inspiration and creativity
g. Attitudes and values
h. Knowledge and understanding
i. Downloadable documents
There is enough text and it isn´t visually very attractive because there are a few images and there is no video.
It´s very easy to navigate around the site but the readers have no opportunity to interact with the content.

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