Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A review onTeaching English web site.

I would like to make a little review of the website English Teachers and learners of English like myself can use.I think it is a very interesting web for self use because there are exercices with keys.
On the one hand, the activities that they propose focus on the more difficult issues of English in order to make learners aware of their problems. On the other hand, the materials and exercices are funny as well as interactive.
As far as presentation is concerned there are photograps,colourful pictures that makes it most attractive.There are links to connect the home page with the rest of the sections so you have free access to lots of web pages.
Skills such as pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary interest me most but as I teach Spanish language and Literature the Britlit will be one of my favourite ones.

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  1. I agree with all you say, and it's curious that you, like Sonia and Estrella, have singled out the BritLit section as being particularly interesting.