Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Review on Elkarrekin website

Elkarrekin.org is a useful website for teachers in the Basque country.

It has an open section that everybody can consult, with its interface in Basque, Spanish, English and French, though the articles and materials inside are mostly in Basque and Spanish.

In the tabs shown on the home page you can find interesting links to other educational webs of other parts of the state, which provide a wide range of materials we can use as teachers with our students. Some of them offer materials in Catalan and Gallego too.

By clicking on the tabs you have also access to a library on line, which is not very complete but leads you to other websites where you can find what you are looking for.

You have also the option of going to blogs, webquests or treasure hunts made by other teachers that work for the Basque?( Only Bizkaia, Araba, and Gipuzkoa) government in public schools, which can be an interesting option if they are updated from time to time. I’ve tried some of them and I’ve discovered that a large number of them are not. I think it should be controlled in one way or another. Otherwise it takes a long time to find something interesting.

If you want to have access to the private side you must become member of the website. Then you can also meet other teachers and work all together in groups. This is really good as you can share your experiences and school materials with other teachers.You can create your own blog or website too, and you can find courses on line as well.

Finally, there are some links to the pages of the Department of Education and there you have access to useful information about your job such as Garatu Courses, laws that rules our day to day work and so on.

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  1. Great! I'm sure lots of teachers working here will find your information extremely useful.