Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BBC education review (by Palm Tree)

The website I've chosen is the "BBC learning site". In this site there are different places to visit depending on what you need. There are resources for adult learners, parents, teachers and school students.
In addition there are resources according to different subjects like history, science, maths, food and catering, gardening, languages and so on.
In the English section you can find more links which lead to free online texts from classic fiction to English Grammar Guides, pets and writers, advices to teach English, etc. But the most remarkable thing I could find is that there is a link to the British Council website, which means to me that this school is not only known in Bilbao, but in more cities in Europe.
In the l"word service" section there are videos about phonetic with subtitles.
I think that in this site there are more resources than I can use in my lifetime.

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  1. There's a problem with the link to the site! But I agree with you, once you get there, there's loads of really useful resources for language learners and teachers.