Friday, July 3, 2009

Presenting a recipe task

  • Let’s look at a video from videojug. Pay particular attention to the sentence stress and intonation. Look at the text version by clicking on the tab.
  • Work in pairs. Choose a recipe from this selection on videojug. Watch you video through first. Check the text version, make a note of any new vocabulary and listen again, if necessary, to how the word is pronounced in the video.
  • Your task is to prepare yourselves to explain your recipe to someone who hasn’t watched the video.
  • Now change partners and explain your recipes to each other.
  • Work in pairs. Decide what new recipe you are going to present. Try and make it a simple one!
  • Make notes on the different steps for completing your recipe – but don’t write the steps out in full. Decide which of the 2 of you is going to cover which steps. Think about and practice your sentence stress and intonation.
  • Find and download some photos of your ingredients or prepared dish using google image search or flickrstorm
  • We are going look at voicethread a free online resource we’re going to use for presenting recipes. Here’s a tutorial on using voicethread.
  • Upload your photos to voicethread and record the steps of your recipe using your photos as visual aids (don’t try to use one for each step!).
  • Embed your voicethread on the blog. Click on Embed button at the bottom of the voicethread page, copy the code and then paste it in the Edit Html tab of your post on the blog.

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