Tuesday, July 14, 2009

review on theBritishCouncil´sTeachingEnglishWebsite

As a new user of this site I am amazed to see how much information one can get from a single website.It is just one but it compiles so many sections that one could spend a lifetime on it.So after having a quick look at the Home page to have an overall view of this website´s contents, I personally would spend the very little time work and family matters let me by concentrating on the Try section.
Why the Try Section above the other five (Think,Talk,Transform,About Us and Help ones)? Well,because though these last ones look most attractive, on the Try one there are activities and links which I myself as teacher and my students can make most of them.
I´m afraid in this Internet world one has to be very selective and go straight into the matter, otherwise time can fly while browsing the website with very little profit.

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