Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Environmental Kids Club

When we were asked to write a review of an educational web site I immediately thought about this web. Maybe because I’ve been able to use it successfully although I’m not that one with the ‘scientific touch’.

http://www.epa.gov/kids/ is the address where you can log in it

How it works?

As you can see in the picture above, Environmental kids club has an easy interface that allows both teachers and students going through different environmental subjects and activities by clicking on the images related to them.

When the user chooses one of the images, he goes to another page which offers tasks, games, information about the specific subject, or links with other web sites.

According to the goal he wants to reach, the user is allowed to decide what to do.

Who is it directed at?

Its target users cover a wide range of age from 7/8 years old to High School students. The users are supposed to speak English or, at least, be able to understand it in different levels.

Of course, to all those teachers who want to use the English language as a learning language, or to get it closer to their students.

Main features

● It provides activities and resources for both the classroom and the teacher in order to:

a) Use more motivating tasks for our students.

b) Giving them the chance of using English language in a practical idiomatic

c) Using INT in an interesting and enjoyable way to approach both learning
aims, environmental science and English.

● It allows the teacher to choose the activity according with the students’ English knowledge.

● It provides help and advice to teachers on the environmental subjects given also a wide range of links with other websites

● It’s easy to use it. It’s no necessary to know very much about computers.

Negative points
Be careful with some activities because they are too focused on some North American specific problems and examples. Actually the website belongs to the Environmental Protection Agency of the United Estates.

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  1. Thanks for the very informative review! Look forward to using it with my students as well.